VPC Peering Security Groups

A security group serves as a protective barrier, functioning like a firewall to manage the flow of network traffic to and from the resources within your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). With security groups, you have the flexibility to select the specific ports and communication protocols that are permitted for both incoming (inbound) and outgoing (outbound) network traffic. You have the capability to modify the inbound or outbound rules within your VPC’s security groups to make reference to security groups in a peered VPC. This adjustment enables the smooth exchange of network traffic between instances associated with the specified security groups … Continue reading VPC Peering Security Groups

Configuring Google Cloud Workload Identity Federation (AWS)

A workload identity is a special identity used for authentication and access by software applications and services. It helps them connect to other services and resources securely. The most direct method for external workloads to use Google Cloud APIs is by using downloaded service account keys. However, this approach comes with two significant challenges: To address these issues, workload identity federation offers an alternative. This approach allows applications outside of Google Cloud to replace persistent service account keys with short-lived access tokens. This is accomplished by establishing a trust relationship between Google Cloud and an external identity provider. The external … Continue reading Configuring Google Cloud Workload Identity Federation (AWS)

Checking Bandwidth Consumption with Athena

VPC flow logs capture information about the IP traffic going to and from network interfaces in a VPC. Athena is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data directly in S3 using standard SQL. Topology Create a (S3) Bucket Enable (VPC) Flow Logs Apache Parquet is a columnar data format that stores and queries data more efficiently and cost-effectively than a text format. Queries on data stored in Parquet format are 10 to 100 times faster and cheaper than data stored in text format. Flow logs delivered in Parquet format with Gzip compression use about 20 percent … Continue reading Checking Bandwidth Consumption with Athena