Aviatrix: Minimum Alerts Recommended

an alert message on a cellphone
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com
Mem Free
CPU Iddle
HDisk Free
Gateway Status
Connection Status
BGP Peering Status
PPS Limit Exceeded Rate (rate_pps_limit_exceeded)
Bandwidth Egress Limit Exceeded Rate (rate_bandwidth_egress_limit_exceeded)
Bandwidth Ingress Limit Exceeded Rate (rate_bandwidth_ingress_limit_exceeded)
Errored Packets Transmitted Rate (rate_tx_errs)
Errored Packets Received Rate (rate_rx_errs)
Rate of Packets Dropped While Receiving (rate_rx_drop)
Rate of Packets Dropped While Transmitting (rate_tx_drop)
Conntrack Limit Exceeded Rate (rate_conntrack_limit_exceeded)
Underlay Connection Status
Tunnel Count




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