Tech Note: Migrating an Aviatrix Controller from AWS to GCP


  • AWS Access Account uses access key
  • Software version >= 6.8a

Deploy Controller on target CSP

Connect to the controller and initialize it:

Bring the controller to the desired software version:

Create the access accounts:

Controller Security Group Mgmt


Disabling it:

I created a temporary SG granting inbound access to port 443.

Change AWS to Access/Secret key based

Change the AWS account from IAM role-based to Access and Secret keys:

  • this step only works when they are no gateways deployed into AWS


Shutdown Controller

Before proceeding to the restore, make sure the current controller is down.


Restore the AWS controller backup providing the Account Name, Bucket Name, and File Name to the Restore under Maintenance:

Re-Enable Controller Security Group Management

Once the restore is completed and the environment is validated, enable the Controller Security Group Management:

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