“Terraforming” an Aviatrix FireNet on GCP with PANs

This document can be considered as an addendum https://rtrentinsworld.com/2022/05/28/bootstrapping-pans-using-aviatrix/  to and https://rtrentinsworld.com/2022/05/28/deploying-an-aviatrix-firenet-on-gcp-with-pans/ Aviatrix Transit FireNet allows the deployment of 3rd party firewalls onto the Aviatrix transit architecture. Transit FireNet works the same way as the Firewall Network where traffic in and out of the specified Spoke is forwarded to the firewall instances for inspection or policy application. The topology I’m going to automate using Aviatrix terraform provider is depicted below: Assumptions GCP account was properly onboard bootstrap bucket was created and populated with a init-cfg.txt, bootstrap.xml, and desired software images for upgrade. Deployment I’m going to leverage the mc-firenet developed … Continue reading “Terraforming” an Aviatrix FireNet on GCP with PANs